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Registered APS Therapists

Using the technologies of skype, Facetime, and the phone(!) we can always make sure that you are supported to use your APS Therapy machine.

However, sometimes it’s good to have a face to face consultation, and APS Therapy is also available through APS therapists, either working for Painfree Potential, or independently.

If you have MS, check with your local MS Therapy Centre, as 8 of the centres now have an APS Therapy clinic.

If not, these therapists have been trained and registered to comply with our code of conduct, to  professionally and sensitively assist you.


Kruschenka Elfman:  kruschenka@btopenworld.com

Zuzana Kovacova-Radacovska  http://www.hebiofeedback.co.uk/about/

Home Counties & London:

Kruschenka Elfman:  kruschenka@btopenworld.com


Linda Greenslade:  lindagreenslade@fsmail.net




Rose Olding: rose.olding@gmail.com


Emma Matthews: mrsesmatthews@sky.com

South coast:

Eveline Wild: kleinwild@gmail.com