APS Therapy is a natural, safe and effective form of pain relief.

The almost free trial

If you have a long term condition, including chronic pain ( pain that persists or recurs for 3 months or more), you can trial an APS Therapy machine at home for four weeks, for the cost of batteries, electrodes and shipping (that’s £25)

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The results of this once-a-week treatment have been nothing less than astounding. Lower leg nerve pain has incapacitated me for eight years – after two months, it is now massively

Barbara Stensland- Jan 2020

I injured my knee in a skiing accident and was signed off work for 4 weeks, I used the APS Machine regularly, it reduced the pain and sped up the healing process, I was back running again in 2 weeks.

Christopher Jones- August 2019

After the first 2 weeks of APS specific treatments I started to notice the difference and after 9 weeks I am in a better state than ever before.  

Tim Hudson- June 2019

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