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APS stands for Action Potential Simulation

What is action Potential simulation therapy?
using aps therapy yourself

What can you expect from using  an APS machine at home?

using APs therapy in your work 

How can APS therapy support your clients?

The almost free trial

If you have a long term condition, including chronic pain ( pain that persists or recurs for 3 months or more), you can trial an APS Therapy machine at home for four weeks, for the cost of batteries, electrodes and shipping (that’s £25)

The results of this once-a-week treatment have been nothing less than astounding. Lower leg nerve pain has incapacitated me for eight years – after two months, it is now massively

Barbara Stensland- Jan 2020

I injured my knee in a skiing accident and was signed off work for 4 weeks, I used the APS Machine regularly, it reduced the pain and sped up the healing process, I was back running again in 2 weeks.

Christopher Jones- August 2019

After the first 2 weeks of APS specific treatments I started to notice the difference and after 9 weeks I am in a better state than ever before.  

Tim Hudson- June 2019

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