APS Therapy Summer News 2017

Welcome to the Summer newsletter. We’re continuing to get great results for people with pain, fatigue, spasm and sleep problems with APS Therapy. It was great to run workshops at the MS National Therapy Centres annual conference, and from that, 3 more centres have expressed an interest in joining the 8 centres already offering the treatment. NHS services are now also expressing an interest, and we hope to be speaking at the NHS England Health & Care Innovations conference 2017

 APS Therapy training

                        Sunday, July 16th (THIS SUNDAY!),

Saturday September 9th

    As always, it’s free to attend the morning out of interest,
and free to attend the whole day as a refresher, and you don’t have to be a healthcare professional to train as an APS Therapy practitioner.

“An update for you – I have now completed 4 weeks of treatments (2x per week) and for the first time in at least 3 years I am free from Spasticity in my hips. As of last Tuesday I have stopped needing to use my 12 tablets per day of Tizanidine and that was the day after managing 5 miles in the racechair!!”
– Rory Marriott, para-triathlete 
We have a new leaflet that’s designed to give clear information to people who may benefit from APS Therapy; it has a space on the back for your sticker, and registered practitioners can download a printable version here, or contact us to order a batch.

Long term pain and swelling, post surgery for fractured wrist

“If my hand is a bit swollen at the end of the day, using the APS machine makes a visible difference as I can see the puffiness decrease within the first cycle.  I’m still working hard on the flexibility of my wrist and after pilates or a physio session, when it aches and feels swollen and stiff, I relax with tea and the APS machine to allow everything to settle down again.

One of the best therapeutic gadgets I have ever bought.”–

Beverley Moss, Reiki practitioner, Wokingham

See all our testimonials in full here
What’s your experience? It’s so helpful to hear how people have used APS Therapy; the treatment plan and the results, and we always say Thankyou with a set of electrodes!
Headaches“I have suffered from food related headaches for about 5 years and have three lists of foods to juggle with to try to avoid them.  They were almost a constant in my life….

Within a week of using the APS machine I was headache free.  Four weeks later I can still hardly believe it.  It’s been a real life changer!  I even allow myself a chocolate every now and again…AMAZING!
– Liz Godwin, North London.

What about when APS Therapy doesn’t work?
Of course APS Therapy doesn’t always work for everybody, and every different pain. But I always like to give my cleint some guidance as to what to ask about next. I’ll be putting that into a blogpost very soon, at www.mirandasmsblog.com and on the blogpage at www.painfreepotential.co.uk, and will consult with some pain experts to make sure you get good relevant content.

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