Painfree Potential is a social enterprise

Which means that any profits are put back into the company to be used to further our aim, which is

To help normal people access pain relief without side effects.

To acheive this aim we:

  • Keep prices as low as we can
  • Support voluntary sector and community organisations in running clinics and hubs
  • Provide education, and
  • Participate in research, to raise awareness of microcurrent in the public sector health services

about us

Miranda Olding

RGN MSCN Clinical Nurse Specialist in MS, director, Painfree Potential

Sandra Henderson

Functional Rehab Practitioner, APS Therapy Practitioner

jEssica Pitts 

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We aim to provide the best customer service

We like to speak to each client to find out what your needs are, and support you to get the best out of using an Action Potential machine.

When you first call:

You'll speak to one of our call handlers, who will send an email to Miranda. This year, she is working full time in the NHS in her nursing role, and calls you back when she's available. 

When you sign up for a teaching session:

If you sign up for the Trial with support, hire, or sign up for a teaching session, you will have a teaching session over video-call with Sandra, over Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, Facetime or other service. She'll also make you a treatment plan, and stay in touch for the duration of your trial or hire.

When you have questions

We will always get back to you, over email or on the phone. We are flexible in our support, and always aim to help. 

About Miranda

Since 2013, Miranda Olding has headed up APS Therapy in the UK, as the director of Painfree Potential.

As well as hands-on treating with APS Therapy, she provides training and support for APS Therapy clinics around the UK,  is involved in research into APS Therapy, and speaks and lectures on her specialist areas to a wide range of healthcare professionals.

She is a  practicing Clinical Nurse Specialist in MS,  independent non-medical prescriber, and has a Masters degree in Advanced Clinical Practice in Nursing. She has a special interest  in pain, health promotion and stress management, over 25 years of experience in nursing in long term conditions, and a background in holistic health.

About your practitioner,Sandra

Sandra Henderson is a Function Rehabilitaion practitiioner, with over 15 years of experience in working with people with long term conditions to help achieve their goals in exercise and physical therapy.

Since 2014 she has also been a qualifeid Action Potential Simulation Therapy practitioner, and also runs the APS Therapy unit at the Hertfordshire MS Therapy Centre. 

You may also meet...

some of the APS therapy Practitioners, working privately or in clinics around the UK, for instance at:

We hope to speak to you soon!

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