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thisWe are glad that you want to help spread the word about how using an Action Potential Simulation machine can help people who have pain! We’re excited to offer you the chance to profit from our products and customer service.

Whether you are an APS Therapy user who wants to let other people know about the benefits,   an APS Therapy clinic or practitioner looking to track and organise your commissions on client sales, or have an associated business and are looking to add a passive income stream, you can earn by joining up here; it’s completely free.

How it works: APS Therapy user

Refer a friend conceptIf you’re an APS Therapy user who’d like to refer people, you can do good and earn from it!

  1. Sign up using the link above. This makes a unique account for you, tracks any purchases people you refer make, and arranges payment via Paypal.
  2. The site generates a unique link, that sends people to the 4 week Almost Free Trial, but lets us know that it’s you that sent them.  You can post this link on your social media, print it onto a card or a leaflet to hand out, or just write it down and tell your friend to use it.
  3. You earn a 5% commission on any sale they make through that link; this includes the original trial, and any purchase of an APS Therapy machine. As a fail safe, we also enquire when people make an order, how they found out about APS Therapy, so that we know if they came from a referral from you.
  4. You can also download ads, from the ‘Ads’ tab, and words and graphics from the ‘creatives’ tab in the ads page that can be posted onto social media, or you can copy some of our words form the website. Some rules also apply, please see below.

APS Therapy clinic or practitioner

If you’re a Practitioner or Clinic, you get a higher rate of commission; 10% on all direct sales.

Follow the steps above. In the ads section, you can select ads that lead people direct to the sales page, for clients you’ve been treating who are ready to buy, or to the 4 week Almost Free Trial page, for clients you’d like to trial  a machine. When on the practitioner affiliate rate, you do the initial teaching session and take care of the client during the trial period.

We need to set your higher rate manually, so get in touch via the contact page to discuss this if you are a practitioner already, or if you are interested in training.

Associated business

If you have a similar type business ( health, therapy, beauty, care) , you may be interested in joining to creat a passive income stream for your business, whilst doing good for your clients!

Becoming a Painfree Potential affiliate involves joining up, promoting our product, and earning through commission on all direct sales form your link. We like to send people to the ‘Almost Free Trial’, so that everybody has a chance to make sure that APS Therapy works for them before they invest. Any direct sales following the trial generate £55.40 for your business. You can promote this offer using an ad on your website, or leaflets with your unique link. Please see the rules below, and sign up, or get in touch if you’d like to talk more about becoming an affiliate!


Program Features:

-5% or 10% of all sales that come directly from your link, banners, or coupon code

-Instant notification by email of a sale through your account

-Password protected page to check sales and update account               

-Credit even if your referral does not make a purchase until up to two months later 

-Full technical support              

-Monthly payments via PayPal

– Describe APS Therapy in the way that we have done on the www.painfreepotential.co.uk website. Please don’t bring the therapy into disrepute by making misleading statements or claims. Using an APS Therapy machine ‘may’ help to reduce or alleviate pain; because it works for some people but not everyone.

-Spamming is not permitted under any circumstance whatsoever

-You may use our images and words to promote our services

-You may use our technical information to better explain the product details

-You may not frame our site or claim it to be your own

-Your affiliate membership may be revoked at any time if you violate any of the above regulations

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