Arthritis, tennis elbow and injury.

Arthritis, tennis elbow and injury.

One of the best buys I have ever made. As well as using it on myself for many years, I have helped others; one was a lady with a frozen shoulder, it was so bad she could not put her bra on. She had 5 days treatment  then 2 days rest then another 2 treatments and was then pain free and able to dress herself. Another young man came with a very swollen ankle, he was due to go skiing but could not get his skis on we only had 3 days before he went, I said I would do my best and  luckily he got his boots on and went skiing.

I also use my machine to treat myself,it helps my arthritis and worked wonders when I had tennis elbow, I would not want to be without my machine.” Carol Maidment, July 2019

APS Therapy for fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental health problems & MS June 2019

 APS Therapy user to her healthcare professionals

I just wanted to give you an update re my APS journey.


I previously emailed saying that I had responded well to Action Potential Stimulation.


I have been using my machine at home 3 times a week now for 1 year and 3 months.


I had previously told you how it had helped take the edge of my fatigue levels, how I was sleeping better and how it had helped my mental health re my anxiety levels.  This has all helped me to begin to access my community again, and be less housebound.


Dr Zafar my consultant psychiatrist was so pleased with my progress he has discharged me.


For the last 3 months the probe positions have been to help my vertigo/balance issues.......having previously fractured my skull & elbow in separate falls.


I am very pleased to tell you that I am having less falls. With my balance & fatigue levels improved, I have had the confidence to be using my wheelchair less.  I am mainly mobile in my bungalow now with just my rolator or sticks as an aid. I feel confident that I may move forward even more in this area. I continue to do physio at our beach hut too on cool evenings when there is a nice breeze to help keep my core temp stable. 


So the therapy continues to have a positive cumulative impact on my MS Symptoms.

APS Therapy for restless legs and pain in MS

I was diagnosed with MS some 35 years ago and have been undergoing various treatments since. My symptoms then included, what has been labelled as, “restless legs”.  It feels like your legs to want to run a marathon, whereas your head is saying its tired and its not an appropriate thing to do at 2 am. For this I take 4mg Ropinorole per day and shouldn’t really increase the dose, although I felt that I wanted to.  More recently I suffered from the “MS hug” and strong bouts of fatigue that would last 4 to 8 weeks. I took 300mg of Gabapentin and 200mg of Tramadol for the “hug”, Nothing specific for the tiredness.  


After the first two weeks of APS specific treatments I started to notice the difference and after 9 weeks I am in a better state than ever before. The advice given has been essential in identifying  where there are opportunities to use APS. I have been able to reduce the medication taken and the daily symptoms suffered. After just 3 months I have managed to:


  1. Stop the desire to increase the ropinirole.

  2. Reduce the Tramadol by 50%, I expect that over time I will stop this completely.

  3. Will be discussing with my MS Nurse and consultant about reducing the Gabapentin.

  4. The fatigue suffered has certainly reduced, whether that is a consequence of reducing other meds is open to question but in any event APS has allowed this to happen.

I believe that APS gives a positive approach to targeting the nerves directly and stimulate their function, this feels better than feeding various drugs into my body, all of which have their own side effects.

As others have said, I wish I could have started this earlier, APS has given me a better quality of life.  I have now bought my own device and continue my treatment on a weekly cycle, for once I feel there is a small light in the silent darkness MS gives.


Thank you Miranda, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Tim Hudson June 2019

APS Therapy for migraines and sinus pain

Second report on my daughter – I have been going for the head placements at 0.05 for migraine and sinus...........she has not had one since – could be co-incidence, I realise! Chris Cayley, June 2019

How an APS Machine Changed My Life

How an APS Machine Changed My Life

I was diagnosed with a rapidly-evolving and highly-active form of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2012, necessitating two courses of Lemtrada. At the same time, I was prescribed Pregabalin, an anti-depressant and a bladder-urgency medication, the anti-depressant being prescribed for the emotional side-effects of horrendous work-place bullying since my life-changing diagnosis. 

In time, I took my employers to court and won my case for disability discrimination, and started working with a friend. I still took the MS-symptom modifying medication.


In 2019, I was hit with a significant family bereavement and building on previous feelings,

was certain that this was the time to reduce my medication to zero. I spoke with my neurologist,

who was enthusiastic and recommended a gradual withdrawal programme; I felt so entirely numb

that I decided to quit all my medication within two weeks, which I did. It wasn’t pleasant, but I was gratified to feel my true emotions return.


MS Specialist Nurse Miranda Olding contacted me and offered the chance to try an Action Potential Simulation machine. At first, I was sceptical; as a four-year trained Homeopath, I have always had an open mind and I know that what works for one person with a particular illness may not work for another.


Giving up such a massive dose of medication in one go held many problems, so trying the

machine, I had my eyes wide open. After an online consultation, I was prescribed a programme of

how to use the machine. It was easy and could be done in front of the telly or reading a book so was no imposition. During a follow-up consultation, we discussed my medication withdrawal symptoms and I spoke about the horrendous insomnia I was experiencing. Miranda promptly sent through a slightly varied programme, focussing on the whole body.

As someone who once took the maximum dose of Pregablin – 600mg, alongside my other

medications, the results of this once-a-week treatment have been nothing less than astounding. Lower leg nerve pain has incapacitated me for eight years – after two months, it is now massively


To be fair, of course the MS neuropathy returned after I gave up my medication, through all-

over prickling and burning. I now use a different setting on the APS machine and it has reduced this significantly.

There are days when the neuropathy is hard to live with but it is nothing compared to the

level I was experiencing before. I am not an endorser or influencer but can honestly attest that the APS machine has changed my life for the better. So much so that I have applied for a grant to have my own machine. 

-Barbara  A. Stensland   January 2020

Barbara is an award-winning blogger, author, writer and disability campaigner, who has written powerfully on working, living and single handedly raising a teenager, with MS, in her blog and book www.stumblinginflats.com  -Barbara Stensland, Jan 2020

APS Therapy For Knee Injury And Back Pain

APS Therapy For Knee Injury And Back Pain

I injured my knee in a skiing accident and was signed off work for at least 4 weeks. I used the APS machine, and with regular use, it reduced the pain and sped up the healing process, and in the end I was back up and running again in 2 weeks. I then used it to  combat my constant lower back pain, something I had had for months, and I started seeing a difference in a matter of days. Chris Jones, August 2019

Aps therapy For Muscle Spasm in MS

I was recommended to visit the MS-UK Wellness Centre at Joseph Court by the MS Nurse, which I do 2 mornings a week. It was here that I was one of several guinea pigs to sample Action Potential Simulation treatment. After the first treatment my daily muscle spasm attacks stopped. They had been a problem for about 4 years and lasted 2 to 3 hours late every afternoon. As the APS treatment had such a profound effect on my MS, I bought my own machine so I could use it as required.

Clonazepam had been prescribed by the MS Nurse, supported by the Neurologist, which I used rarely as it had minimal effect apart from send me to sleep. I have now discarded it from my treatment course

I started using it every other day on my right leg only for one 8 minute session and it helped alleviate much of the pain. About 4 months ago I used it every day then stopped it for a month as I had much reduced pain. I now use it as required.  Nigel Watts, September 2019

APS Therapy for restless legs

My name is Stuart Cox, and I suffer with is restless leg syndrome which was preventing me from getting to sleep and as a result I was going into work the next day with very little sleep. I wanted to hold off on meditation for it initially as I had heard it could cause drowsiness which I already suffered from fatigue and didn't want to make this any worse. 

I started the APS therapy back in June last year.  The results weren't immediately apparent but on weeks where I gave APS a break I realised that the APS was suppressing the worst of my restless leg. It has meant that I can keep off the medication for restless leg and still get a reasonable night sleep which enables me to continue in my job and at the same level.

APS Therapy for fibromyalgia and organic mood disorder

After 6 weeks:

‘APS has helped reduce my deadening fatigue, made me feel more alert, and improved my quality of sleep all of which have benefited my MS and Fibromyalgia symptoms.  The difference in my quality of life has been so significant , that I will most definitely be continuing with the APS.

I am also trying to reduce my pregabalin which was not only prescribed for the acute nerve pain in my feet, but for anxiety which is a-lot less acute. Now I am coping better in general, I will continue to use mindfulness and I will be able to use more distraction techniques re the pain, as I have the energy!!! –

I have been able to craft more which always takes my mind of everything.  The pain use to keep me awake at night too, which since I have been sleeping MUCH better and I guess to a deeper level this hasn’t been an issue.  I am actually in bed a whole lot less, and wake up feeling like I have slept!!

My family and friends have noticed that I am significantly more ‘with it’ - I have been able to drive my WAV by myself too - which has naturally helped my mood & general well being & helped my confidence.

I have been able to be more mobile, which I’m hoping will last.  If so, in time, with my physio exercises, I am hoping this will improve my overall mobility.

So all in all, even without helping the pain, this has been the most successful therapy / medication I have ever had!!! "  - Lynne Brown, April 2018

January 2019:

I have just spoken to the Team Manager Louth Community Mental Health Team and  told her how the APS had benefited my mental health........even telling her I’d even been brave enough to make a video about it in the hope that it may help others!!! -Lynne Brown- January 2019



I have just been discharged from my Consultant Psychiatrist, due to the improvement in my mental health well being, and I have no doubt that the APS was the catalyst for this.  I remain under the community mental health team, as I am on the waiting list to begin CCBT, which I will be able to do at home, at my own pace, and I will have therapist support.

As my 26 and 22 year old sons would say......’boom’!!!

I hope it will help others begin the APS journey that have mental health illness too, and they will find it as beneficial to their well being as I have.

APS Therapy for Achilles tendon shortening

From birth I have had I have had muscle weakness that meant that my Achilles tendon has been short, which meant that I could not put my heel flat on the floor, and was in need of surgery on a regular basis to ease the tension, and was due to have surgery this year. I started APS at Joseph's Court, and after just 4 treatments, I went for an appointment at the hospital about undergoing surgery, and it was found that I had gained up to 15% movement in my achilles tendon and surgery was not needed at this time as I could get my heel to the floor, and APS has maintained this now for four months. -Mark Bridge

APS Therapy for Fatigue and pain in MS

APS Therapy for Fatigue and pain in MS

My name is Della, I’m 49 and have MS and Hypermobility Syndrome. I have been fortunate enough to been introduced to APS Therapy through my MS Centre and recently been awarded to purchase a machine all of my own, having been so impressed with the results so far. One of the medications I was on was slow releasing Tramadol which was taken morning and night, after 6 weeks of APS Treatment I was able to reduce to once a day and now I have my own machine I’m working towards coming off Tramadol for good! This will be such a amazing -Della mclean- may 2018

APS Therapy for joint pain, mobility, and sleep ( with MS )

I have definitely felt less pain from my knee and my shoulder. At one stage I having to use 2 cocodamol tablets 3 or 4 times a day with the same number of ibuprofen. Now I am only using 2 cocodamol in a complete day. I could probably stop using even that, but I’m a bit afraid of abandoning the pain relief completely. I was also using a knee support for my left knee when I went tricycling. That has gone, but I am still tricycling! In fact Jonathan and I are taking my tricycle and Jonathan’s bike to explore the southern Lake District next week. Our aim is to complete 1,000miles this year to beat last year’s total of 937 miles. Already we have done 745 miles, so I hope that it will be accomplished. Anyway the benefits of using the APS therapy machine are: Less pain. Much improved sleep

A slight improvement in movement and balance

A better quality of life altogether. I am sleeping longer at night, in spite of the heat. I now sleep for 6 hours before I wake needing the loo, then back to sleep again for longer. Jonathan says he no longer notices me fidgeting in bed which is a good sign. From tomorrow we can increase the strength of the treatment from 0.2 to higher I think. My knee might not need voltarol for much longer as it has almost stopped hurting even on my tricycle rides. I realise that the APS therapy doesn’t work for everyone, but the improved quality of sleep happened straight away and I can’t remember when my pain first lessened, it feels like it happened from the beginning. I can only say that for me, the APS therapy thing is the best thing that has happened to me since I received my MS diagnosis 2 + years ago. And that includes having grandchildren! -Nina Pearce- Summer 2018

APS Therapy for restless legs and pain

APS Therapy for restless legs and pain

"when I started, my restless legs and the burning in my legs meant my sleep was very poor. I felt very drained and had little confidence in my abilities. Now my symptoms are markedly reduced, and I am off almost all of the pain medication. As my sleep has improved I feel I am back to my 'normal' self, gaining confidence again and being able to do more. It has made such a difference." -Lynne Cleal- GP BEDFORDSHIRE

APS Therapy for fibromyalgia / Ideopathic neuropathy

Janet Sampson is not one of my clients, but when I found her blog on using APS Therapy for chronic pain in 36 year history of fibromyalgia/ideopathic neuropathic pain, she agreed for me to share it! She concludes

" So APS Therapy has given me wonderful peace of mind that at the end of the day I have the power to bring down the level of pain wherever I might be experiencing it"... Read her story here.  

APS Therapy before and after Spinal surgery

APS Therapy before and after Spinal surgery

" I have had my machine since 2008 and have found it of immense benefit before and after major spinal surgery. I now manage without a walking stick, and pain levels are considerably reduced." -Sue Kemp

APS Therapy for MS pain and fatigue

APS Therapy for MS pain and fatigue

With permission, from emails during an 8 week treatment.

At two weeks:

I have noticed a reduction in my fatigue. I am not needing to sleep in the afternoons . Before I would need to sleep every other day for a good two hours in the afternoon. I am finding now that taking an hours nap once a week is all I need. The reduction in fatigue has resulted in me falling over much less than I was.

I am still getting pain in my left arm but it's not as bad as it was. The main type of pain was it starting in my shoulder and going down to my elbow. The pain would stop at my elbow as if there was a logjam. The pain would be sufficient to wake me.

I have spent this week dropping down to three times a week and following your plan. As the pain is not specifically in the shoulder I have adapted the plan to have the second red and black pads below the elbow rather than made up her arm. In doing this I have not had any pain in my arm this week...

At 4 weeks:  "I am quite happy with the way things are going, and surprised at how my fatigue levels have vastly improved. That in iteslf is a bonus for me.


At 8 weeks: 

Given that the APS has;

    • reduced my fatigue

    • Allowed me to reduce my intake of pregabalin

  • allowed me to come off the voltarol altogether,

I think it is a no-brainer that I should continue! -Meryl Lovatt

APS Therapy for Fatigue and muscle weakness

"the machine is great; helps very much with fatigue with my 12 hour rotating shifts, but also with muscle recovery as well." - George

APS Therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Mary Henderson and I am 85 years old. I live with my husband, who is 87 and we still manage to live a fairly active life.  


I was first introduced to APS at the oxygen therapy centre in Portsmouth. I have a knee which troubled me a lot, so I was going to try oxygen.


The APS equipment was then shown and explained to me and I found it very useful  for my knee. I thought ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’I proceeded to go to Portsmouth for 6 months for 2 treatments a week. This was certainly keeping my knee comfortable as well as making me feel more relaxed.


 I was down to have my second knee replacement but didn’t want another operation.When I saw the orthopaedic consultant I told him about APS and my treatments. He said he had not heard about it. Surprise! He patted me on the shoulder and said  “If it helps, that’s good. Come back for a farther assessment in 6 months time.” 

At this  stage I decided to go and have some training using the APS machine with Miranda. What a lovely day we had too.  


Although I miss seeing everyone at the Centre now I have my own machine, I find it much easier to have it at home, at the ready for when I need it.  


My knee is doing well with 2 treatments a week and I do not have to take any painkillers at all.


Other parts of my body also get treated now and again too!So I hope I can continue for ages without an operation. -Mary Henderson

APS Therapy for Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia

Until took part in the A.P.S trials two years ago I was experiencing major flares which required me having several hospital visits and  at times I was given morphine for the pain I experience with fibromyalgia and arthritis in most joints including and my spine. It was even too painful to go to bed and at one point I had carers to help with my personal care. I resented this as I was a senior care officer myself until I was finished work on health grounds. Since using my machine.I can now go to bed and stay there and not pace the floor with pain . I have been able to reduce my medication too. I still have flares and my arthritis has spread. But hey I can now cope with the pain. I do not mind if you share my experience as I tell every Doctor I meet about my treatment -Carol Anne Bulliment

APS Therapy for MS

“My husband says I am brighter. The subtle difference I feel is that it makes me quicker. That might be because I am in less pain and more mobile, but I'm not sure of that. It's more just an energy thing, a chi thing as my acupuncturist would say - I simply feel quicker, physically. That is actually a real benefit because, OMG, am I fed-up slogging around so slowly. Everything physical just takes forever with MS - getting dressed, making dinner, walking etc -  so to have something that speeds you up is an enormous benefit.

The other thing outsiders to MS probably won't get is that I think the APS make you less quivery. That must be nerve stuff, but I feel when I stand that I am less quivering than I was.” 

- prefers to remain anonymous

APS Therapy for spasm in Para-triathlete with MS

I have now completed 4 weeks of treatments (2x per week) and for the first time in at least 3 years I am free from Spasticity in my hips. As of last Tuesday I have stopped needing to use my 12 tablets per day of Tizanidine and that was the day after managing 5 miles in the racechair!! -Rory Marriott

APS Therapy for Pain and swelling, months after surgery for a fractured wrist

If my hand is a bit swollen at the end of the day, using the aps machine makes a visible difference as I can see the puffiness decrease within the first cycle.  I’m still working hard on the flexibility of my wrist and after pilates or a physio session, when it aches and feels swollen and stiff, I relax with tea and the aps machine to allow everything to settle down again.

One of the best therapeutic gadgets I have ever bought. Beverly Moss

APS Therapy for Headaches

I have suffered from food related headaches for about 5 years and have three lists of foods to juggle with to try to avoid them.  They were almost a constant in my life....

Within a week of using the APS machine I was headache free.  Four weeks later I can still hardly believe it. It’s been a real life changer!  I even allow myself a chocolate every now and again…AMAZING! -Liz Godwin

Blimey, this APS thing works!

I’ve been blogging about APS (Action Potential Simulation) for a few weeks now. You might be wondering why. Well the point is that I had met people with near-miraculous results for rheumatoid arthritis, MS pain, tennis elbow and more, so I thought there must be something in it. Finally, I see why. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that I currently have an APS machine to use at home and have three different plans for the worst issues caused by Multiple Sclerosis: shoulder pain, hip pain and fatigue. -Helen Croxon

APS Therapy for Elbow Injury

I turned 70 last month and was determined to play cricket at that age.  However, I was suffering from a tennis injury - not tennis elbow, but a strained forearm.  Pain was distributed from my wrist up the arm towards the elbow and movement was stiff and restricted.


I applied my APS Therapy machine using just two electrodes. One on the back of the hand and the other behind my elbow.  I ran treatments for two consecutive days before the game. By the Sunday my arm was so much better that I was able to both bat and bowl freely, and we also won. I have had so many other episodes when using my APS Therapy machine has sorted things out, and I know some people call it their 'body maintenance kit'!  -Steve Norris

APS Therapy for Osteo-arthritis of the knee

Just an up date to tell you that my severe knee pain is well under control and I seem to be free of pain when I move normally   Unfortunately I have been suffering from a badly infected chest for some three weeks which makes me cough uncontrollably to the point of vomit. Antibiotics have not cleared it up and now I am on steroids for two weeks. In desparation I tried the machine out for my lungs and after two treatments I feel much better.  One thing , I get a really good nights sleep. Perhaps it is the steroids kicking in but the coughing has definitely calmed down a lot Its annoying with the cough because I do feel quite fit. My wife has succumbed to the machine because she has a great deal of pain in her knees and feet. She feels she MUST walk as much as possible because her Mum  and Aunt were in wheelchairs from age seventy plus until death in nineties. Her knees are swollen but hurrah she has had the first pain free treatment and let us hope she has some good response... I am of course quite happy for you to use my comments and it's amazing that I can now walk easily the two miles along the new estuary path and have a meal at Lymostone and walk back with no great ill effects. In fact bowls for four hours is more tiring because more time is spent just standing still. I am looking forward to the lawn bowls season and never thought I would be doing that at 84 !

-David Evans

APS Therapy to reduce medications

"Using the APS every day on my feet has really been a life changer for me. I have not had to take pregabalin for a very long time now, and I am sure the reduction in my medication, in conjunction with the other changes I have been making have meant I was able to lose weight." -Sue Perks


I initially used the APS machine for fluid stuck under my kneecap following surgery.  It worked a treat and left my knee pain free in that respect.

I have fibromyalgia and found that using it also did wonders for improving my sleep.

Miranda has been helpful and easily contactable throughout. -Gillian Read

APS Therapy after total knee replacement

The APS Therapy has supported the management of my pain post knee and foot surgery. I was suffering from acute pain, especially at night and through regularly using the APS therapy I am experiencing much less troubled, pain enriched nights. My sleep is so much more continual and restful, as I wake now not from the pain, but from hearing my alarm J

I feel more able to function and lead a more positive life.

Thank you... for kindly supporting me to actively take control of my own pain management. I thoroughly believe anyone who needs to control their pain should try APS therapy... -Sharon Davis

APS Therapy for MS pain, fatigue & mobility problems

By the end of the first week, my walking was better – noticed by others who know my usual unsteady gait. My hip pain was reduced, meaning I didn’t need to take the daily tramadol as much, missing it completely on most days. I am sure it has improved the quality of my sleep. The MAJOR, MAJOR benefit is with my fatigue. I have had fatigue pretty much all of the time, to differing levels, for some time.  With a lot of family health problems this year it been worse than ever. BUT the fatigue levels have been dropping and I am aware I have more energy. I am able to focus more (I can now concentrate to read and enjoy a book). I am able to do more around the house and am more alert and staying out later when socialising. The APS has been quite transformational for my fatigue. Ros

APS Therapy for Broken bones from a horse-riding accident

I was prescribed a course of this type of pain management when I fractured 6 ribs and tore my rotator cuff. There is no doubt to me that it reduced the amount of analgesia I required and also helped to ensure I didn't develop associated complications of reduced mobility such as muscle stiffness. My recovery was a lot quicker than expected. You get a clear care plan that is easy to follow and it's explained to you how to implement it, with regular advice to trouble shoot or amend the plan if required.

It's a very easy system to use, I was rather sceptical at first but now that I have first hand experience would recommend anyone to try it. -Cathryn Watters

APS Therapy for Arthritis and MS

When my own patients buy machines after having had success in clinic, I pass them on a cost price. But I do ask them for a testimonial! Here's a couple of nice ones - Thankyou ladies!

As someone of advancing years, with not only having MS, but a touch of Arthritis, I have found that using APS Therapy has eased the aches and pains considerably. This results in not having to take strong painkilllers, which keeps the head much clearer'- Liz Bowe

APS Therapy for MS pain and general unexpected improvements


After one week:

Machine works great. Relieved much muscular tension in the lower and mid back area which has really improved mobility.

I think there's some skeletal damage to my lower vertebrae as I have some acute  pain here still. I will organise To see my GP soon to see if I can get a scan or so....

After 3 weeks:

There is no stiffness any longer which is great. Chronic Back pain has reduced dramatically since first treatment from a solid 5 to a 2 (there is still acute lower back pain which I believe will be skeletal)

I'm still travelling a lot and the pain is a LOT less and energy levels on the whole have improved dramatically.

As far as the science behind the machine goes I reckon its done its job. I am using at least 3 times a week. I'm glad to have undertaken treatment. -Bruce McDonald

APS Therapy for Broken bones from a horse-riding accident

I purchased one of these machines about 3 years ago, having used one at my local MS Therapy Centre. Amongst other pains I had a constant one in my toe which never went away. After about 3 sessions it started to hurt less.

Now that pain has gone and I have been able to cut down my pain medication.

Well worth the money. -Jilly Bogdanza

APS Therapy for Arthritis and MS

 I use APS and I help run it and to hear the difference it makes in some people's lives makes me so happy. -Joanne Penith Alison

APS Therapy for Injured shoulder

Two or three years ago I injured my right shoulder when attempting to move an unexpectedly heavy wheelie bin. This has caused me to suffer continued pain and restricted movement in my neck and right shoulder  ever since (particularly when rotating my head to the right or lowering my head down to my chest).

X-Rays and scans showed no obvious injury so I was referred for physiotherapy which helped a little but did not resolve the problem. I continued to suffer pain and loss of movement to the extent that I was unable to drive, ride my mountain bike or do many things around the house without difficulty.

I was later referred to the local Pain Clinic where I received Tramadol medication plus various treatments with limited success. "TENS" and acupuncture were most successful but benefit only lasted for a limited time. I was offered referral to neuro-surgery to explore surgical intervention which I was reluctant to pursue. As an alternative to surgery it was suggested that I join a new trial looking at "Action Potential Simulation" or "APS therapy" that was being trialled in my area for the first time.

After initial assessment, and simple training, I commenced a six week trial in January of this year. I received a therapy session (approx. 1 hour) three times a week for six weeks followed by a trial at home, twice a week, for a further two weeks.

Although sceptical that the therapy would work (after so many others had only limited success) it became apparent after the first couple of weeks that my symptoms were improving - and that they continued to improve throughout the rest of the trial. My pain was much reduced, as was my tramadol. I was sleeping better because of this and as a consequence my mood and energy were improved also. I was able to drive once more and found day to day tasks much easier.

Sadly, the machine I was using was recalled back to the trial. After a couple of weeks I found my symptoms gradually returning. Fortunately I was able to access use of a machine (out of clinic hours as it were). This enabled me, after a couple of weeks, to regain the improvements I had previously made.

This seems to indicate a definite benefit from using the machine. It is not a "Quick Fix" like the TENS or the acupuncture but the relief is more enduring and builds with regular use of the machine.

I have decide to purchase a machine of my own for continued use at home. This (as they say on the shopping channel) is a considered purchase but when weighed with the benefits I get it is money well spent as it allows me to be active and pain free once more.

N.B. During the trial it was noted that the therapy worked less well (or not at all) for some people. Indeed, it is noted in information from the manufacturer that the therapy does not work for everyone. Consider renting a machine first, or find a trial near you, before buying. -Susan Parker, July 2015

APS Therapy for Long term back pain

After suffering with awful back pain for nearly 40 years, I tried APS treatment. It's wonderful, the relief in my back has dropped from a  9 to 3.5 in 6 months of receiving the treatment, of which I had 3 times a week and my neck pain has gone completely -Margaret

APS Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

I started using APS Therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) of which I am suffering from since November 2013. I did not start on any medication after it was diagnosed in 2014 as I thought I could manage without and I also wanted to see how the RA would progress.

In February 2015 my RA got really bad and I could hardly do anything, not even push my daughters buggy to go for a walk, even if I would have had the energy to do so.

Lifting up my children, getting them dressed, changing nappies, it all became a very big challenge, not to mention the getting out of bed in the morning as I could hardly stand on my feet.

It was in this time that I heard about APS therapy from a friend of mine and because I was willing to try anything, I contacted Miranda Olding, who rented me a machine and gave me great support when needed.

It took about four to five weeks before I started noticing something and I am very glad that I stuck to the “golden rule” that you have to try everything for at least a six week. The first thing I noticed was that I stayed up later, was less tired during the day and slowly I was doing more and more. This went really gradually and after that my pain slowly decreased from 6/10, 60% of the time, to 2/10, 80% of the time. This all without any pain relief medication! I will continue to use the APS Therapy machine, and hope to continue to improve my health. -Eveline Peck

APS Therapy for Chronic post-surgical pain & swelling


I am a 37 year old female, 3 years ago I had an operation to relieve tennis elbow after having 18months of a painful swollen elbow joint. Since the operation I have been experiencing a dull heavy ache in my elbow joint, also my forearm and wrist have been swollen.

I heard about the APS machines and its outstanding results through the M.S therapy Centre, and was luck enough to use an APS Therapy machine.

I used the machine daily to start and my elbow felt relaxed and swelling subsided, I continued to use the machines for 9 Weeks in this time my elbow and forearm became less swollen and the achy sensation subsided,  and i have been left pain free with no swelling. -Clare Rouse

APS Therapy for Arthritis & hip replacements

APS Therapy for Arthritis & hip replacements

'I purchased my APS machine in May 2001 when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip.  I found using the APS machine would relieve me of the pain. Following a replacement hip in 2002 I continued to use it and feel sure it helped my recovery.  In 2006 I had my left hip replaced and once again I used my APS machine. As I am now in my 80th year and enjoy being active despite age related arthritis in other parts of my body, I continue to use the APS machine whenever I feel the need.' -Maureen J Butler

APS Therapy for Urinary tract infections & nerve pain in MS

"As a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis, I have tried various different treatments, therapies and drugs, all being just slightly successful for a while.  So when I heard about the newly bought into our country ‘APS’ treatment, from my MS nurse at my local MS Therapy Centre I thought ok, lets give it a try.

Now along with my condition, I was having a terrible time with UTI’s. So what I didn’t expect, was the results this treatment, which is ‘sold’ as solely pain relief, gave me.

I commenced the recommended treatment plan, of three times a week, which was targeting the nerve pain I was getting in my legs.  After three/four weeks I realised that along with reducing the pains in my legs, I had not had a UTI infection, but put it down to coincidence. This continued to be the case so I spoke to the nurse who said I was not the only person to raise this.

Unfortunately I became quite ill and was unable to get to the Therapy Centre for APS and after three to four weeks I found myself back to the beginning with numerous UTI infections and the pains in my legs slowly creeping back.

So I bought one and can now continue my therapy within my own home, but, not only can I benefit from it, my whole family can.

My conclusion, what a fantastic Therapy System it is and I would recommend to absolutely everyone!

Lisa Law

APS Therapy for Ankylosing spondylitis, Headaches, sinus pain

back pain. The MS itself was making me feel exceptionally tired & I was struggling with bad head aches & a recurring sinus issue.

A treatment plan was put together for me & within 2 weeks of starting the treatment I was no longer waking up every morning with bad headaches. My energy levels were greatly improved & my backache was reduced.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to other people. I have now purchased my own unit so that I can use it at home.

I addition to the treatment plan I have also used the aps machine to combat menstrual pain very effectively.

In summary using this machine in addition to leading a healthy lifestyle has helped me to stay active & continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. - Kat Miller

APS Therapy for Dystonia

 I was diagnosed with dystonia at age 15 - I'm now 22. It causes me to have muscle spasms and shooting pain, especially after any sort of activity, really poor sleep and a big problem with fatigue.

Before APS Therapy:   I have bouts of severe pain which can last from a day to a week, at 9/10 on the 0-10 scale, and my constant average of pain is about 6/10 which comes on sometimes after just a couple of hours, sometimes up to 6.


After 6 weeks of APS Therapy:

My average pain is now 1/10, except for in my hip, which I recently injured. I have not had any of the severe pain at all, which is amazing. My sleep has improved alot, I am now getting a solid 4 hours a night, which is good for me, and I feel more refreshed when I wake up. I can also go longer before I start getting fatigued, I've been really impressed with it. I'm good now and my sleep is still improving :-) my pains levels have dropped too and rarely have any trouble with the condition. -Ashley Smith

APs Therapy for Neuropathic pain in MS

I have been having APS now for 4 weeks. I was unceratin as to whether it would help my extremely agonizing neuropathic pain. But I have to say the benefits I have felt after 4 weeks of one seeion a week are outstanding. My pain no longer ruins my day-to-day life and mood. the relief from the pain is highest immediately after my weekly treatment although my lenght of time pain free seems  to be constantly improving. I encourage anyone that suffers from neuropathic pain to give APS a go, it really has worked for me -Sophie Anderson

APs Therapy for Arthritis of the spine

I must say I was sceptical when we talked about it, because there's so many hocus pocus machines about on the market, but it has really helped! The best thing is that from 3 weeks in, I haven't taken a single painkiller. I'm most impressed -Bob Hone

APS Therapy for Tennis elbow

APS Therapy for Tennis elbow

I had tennis elbow for 2 years & only ever got temporary relief, from steroid injections. I couldn't reach out to pick anything up due to pain - I couldn't even scratch my own nose without pain! After the first week I started getting good sleep. After that, every week it's been getting better. I've now done 6 weeks of APS Therapy and left it at that - I have complete mobility back, and I can now use my arm to do anything. I think it's wonderful. -Linda Richardson

APS Therapy for MS pain and fatigue

""I've not felt like this since I was about 15! For two thirds of my life, I've been in some kind of pain, with lack of energy, not sleeping properly, having to plan essential things that I need to do, and then struggling to get them done, and frequently cancelling appointments because I've not been well enough to make them. Now, it's my fourth week, and I've been active every day for the past 2 weeks. For instance, 3 weeks ago, my mum came to visit, and we walked everywhere, and then I had to spend Monday in bed. 2 weeks ago, a friend came to visit, we did the same walking, but the next day I was just up and active at 6/7 am. Now I'm sleeping well at night, and nothing is such an effort any more. I want to bottle it and give it to everyone I know!"  - Poppy

APS Therapy for Repetitive Strain

' I am a Shiatsu practitioner and I use my thumbs all the time to do really deep massage in my work. They had become really sore and inflamed, and hurt so much that by the end of the day I couldn't use them at all. I had been told to just stop using them, and have had to buy splints to support them. I started to use the APS Therapy machine and after 6 times they are so much better already, I will let you know how I get on. The other day I decided to apply the electrodes to my abdomen, where I have another longstanding pain problem and I couldn't believe it, because it worked instantly, and has not come back as yet. ' Melita O'Byrne

APS Therapy for Fibromyalgia

" My husband, Scott, has had fibromyalgia for many years. Working has become harder and harder for him, due to the constant fatigue, and every day, he was waking up in a lot of pain. Since using the APS machine, he has been so so much better. He hardly has pain at all now, and he's able to not just go to work, but also come home and carry on decorating and renovating our new house, which he hadn't been able to do for ages. When he had a break, after finishing renting, we really noticed the difference, so then we bought our own, and he uses it 2 or 3 times a week, and is continuing to improve."  Kelly

APS Therapy for Cervical spondylosis ( arthritis of the spine)

After 4th week:  " I have cervical spondylosis, and have had pain in my head and radiating down my neck for over 10 years, most days. Since doing APS Therapy, I have been completely free of headaches. It's such a lovely feeling, to wake up without pain. Also, I can't get over how much more energy I have. I cannot remember feeling as well as I have since starting APS Therapy."

Nicky Dorrill

APS Therapy for Baker's Cyst

 ' Recently my left leg started to become more stiff /painful and was starting to swell gradually. It was as a result of a Baker’s Cyst from 10 years earlier. I started using the APS device for about three months alongside remedial massage and when combined it lead to a major improvement. The stiffness/ pain was reduced and my leg is now well on the road to full recovery.'

Paul Comyn

APS Therapy for Pain and immobility following surgery for dislocated finger

After just one treatment we had the following email:

"Hey Miranda. Jon's finger was so much better after the treatment. He can move it now without the pain that he had. He's not been back on it yet as the house is upside down with clearing stuff ready for our move, but I'll make sure he does..."

APS Therapy for MS pain and fatigue

‘I find it incredible, and it’s so good that it’s completely drug free! It took me about 1 week to go from pain that I couldn’t ignore ( about 7/10) to much better (2-3/10), and then by 3 weeks of treatment, I was pain free for 4 days at a time; now it’s been 6 weeks I am going 5 days a week pain-free. Also, I have much more energy. I used to use my scooter to walk my dog, and now, I just go!” Jenifer Anderson, 33, Bedford.

APS Therapy for nerve pain in MS

" It's amazing what it's doing to me. This is the first time for years that I haven't had severe pain under my feet, and my knee pain is completely gone. I haven't taken any oromorph since just after I started on the machine 2 weeks ago, and I'm really happy with it."

-Chris McNaughton

APS Therapy for Fatigue and neuropathic pain in MS

“I have been doing APS Therapy for three weeks now, so I haven’t finished the six week course yet.  Before I started the treatment I had the ‘MS hug’ really badly. Most of the time the pain score was 5/10, but at times it was 11/ 10! Since I started the APS Therapy I haven’t had the really bad pain at all and most of the time the pain score is around 3.5/10, too low to notice. I also had knee pain, which was about 4.5/10 on the pain scale, and 7/10 when bad. Again, since having this treatment I haven’t had the bad pain at all and the pain score has gone down to around 3/10. The fact that I no longer notice pain shows the improvement. It’s just so nice not to have to constantly think about pain.

This treatment has also had a real impact on my sleep and fatigue. I usually wake up four or five times a night with pain, but last week I only woke once. Also, I don’t have that overwhelming feeling of tiredness. Last week I did so much! I took my brother, who is mentally disabled, on holiday, which involved so much walking. Normally, I would have been exhausted, but I just wasn’t. My numbness is less noticeable too.”  Jackie Clarke, Luton

“As Jackie said, at the time of writing she had only be using the APS machine for three weeks; she went on to get further sustained improvement.

APS Therapy for Arthritis in surgeon Professor Christian Barnard

Remember Professor Christiaan Barnaard, the first surgeon to perform a heart transplant operation? He had his own APS Therapy machine, and used it to keep working, after developing arthritis in his hands and shoulders. Here he is marvelling at the fact that after treatment, his pain did not return! Please note, the number displayed is for the manufacturer's in Holland.

APS Therapy for Coming off medication for pain

 have been having APS sessions now since 12/08/2014 and I have been amazed at how successful it has been!  Since starting the APS I have been able to reduce my Pregabalin from 450-600mg to 100mg and I am still gradually reducing further! -  Sue Pirks, Luton

-Updated some weeks later:

  • I am using the machine 3 or 4 times a week

  •  and have continued to take the reduced level of Pregabalin (450-600mg down to 75mg daily)

  • I am able to wear socks all day long, which is wonderful during winter! (I used to manage only a few hours at a time before the irritation became so extreme I had to remove them)

  • and at home without shoes I can walk up the stairs without having to hold onto the rails, and have even managed to carry things in both hands without falling (or spilling my glass of water)

I continue to be delighted with the improvements.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


APS Therapy for Back, shoulder and neuropathic pain in the leg.

"The machine is really helping. Saw my consultant Neurologist last week and I told him I had bought the machine. He was really pleased as I have cut down on Gabapentin. He told me they had an APS centre in Hull but had to close it due to funding being withdrawn !The APS therapy machine has been a godsend. A couple of days ago my shoulder and neck muscles had gone into spasm and had left me with and awful achy pain. I used the machine on my shoulder and it worked better than any pain relief tablet, so am just concentrating on that area this week. "  - Julie Collins, Scunthorpe, February 2020


" The inflammation has reduced and the muscle and joint are now moving freely enough that after a lay off from golf I am back playing regularly pain free !!!! Very Pleased" Iain Chisholm, June 2020