If you'd like to discuss becoming an affiliate, give us a call on 01908 799870. We will call  you back within 48 hours.

Become an affiliate

Earn money whilst helping people, with no pressure on you or the client.

When you sign up, your link is generated. When someone browses the Painfree Potential website using your link, a cookie is used to track this IP address, and if they buy an APS Therapy machine,  up to 90 days after following your link, you earn £10% on all purchases ( £110 per new machine bought)

 Ads, leaflets, banners and links are supplied for you to use; it's free, and there is no pressure to make any sales

Practitioner and Clinic Affiliates:

Practitioners and Clinics earn 10% ( that's £110 per machine) on all direct sales when the client has been having treatment with you before they purchase their own machine. For this, just let us know via email about the clients you've referred, and we will pay your commission. You can also choose to use your commission as a discount for the client if you wish.

If you’d like to send clients to the 'Almost-Free Trial', but you are going to do the teaching, sign up for an affiliate account, which will lead them here, and just let them know that you will be doing the teaching! There are ads, web banners and leaflets you can use for this. 

 We  set your higher rate manually, so get in touch via the contact page to discuss this if you are a practitioner or clinic.

Business Affiliates:

If you have a similar type business, or shop, ( health, therapy, beauty, care) , you may be interested in joining to create a passive income stream , whilst doing good for your clients or customers! 

Becoming a Painfree Potential affiliate involves joining up,  and earning through commission on all direct sales from your link. This can be online, or on a leaflet; we recommend also having a leaflet display if you have a shop or venue.

We like to send people to the ‘Almost Free Trial’, so that everybody has a chance to make sure that APS Therapy works for them before they invest. Any direct sales following the trial generate £55.40 per machine for your business.

You can promote this offer using  ads on your website, social media, or leaflets with your unique link. All this is available under the ‘Creatives’ tab on your affiliate account web page. 

 Please see the rules below, and sign up, or get in touch if you’d like to talk more about becoming an affiliate!


Help direct people to a natural treatment for pain relief, enhanced energy and wellbeing, with no harmful side-effects


Your clients & customers try the product in an affordable trial before making up their minds. There is never pressure on the affiliate for sales, or on the trial participants to buy. And we emply a fail-safe check to ensure leads you have referred are assigned to your account.

Ads, leaflets, creatives, text, & banners

Promotional material with your unique link is included, and specific content can be co-produced, just ask.

Trackable commission and earnings 

Earn commission up to 90 days after your customer uses your link. This is  tracked using cookies, and applies even when clients revisit the site without using your link, up to 90 days afterwards.  Your account tracks your earnings, and pays monthly.

Follow these simple rules:

  • Feel free to use any of the text from the www.painfreepotential.co.uk website to describe APS Therapy, but don't 'frame' the site or claim it to be your own.
  • Please describe APS Therapy responsibly, in the way that we have done, and don't make misleading statements or claims about it.
  • You are responsible for declaring your earnings for tax purposes.
  • Spamming is not accepted under any circumstances.
  • When using social media, be open and declare affiliate links; follow the guidleines for any site you are using.
  • Your affiliate membership may be revoked at any time if you violate any of these regulations.

Questions? Call 01908 799870 or drop us a line below: