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All machines come with a warranty and the option of a full refund within 6 weeks if you do not get a good result.

APS Therapy machine with teaching and support


APS Therapy machine with a full teaching session to set you up, individual treatment plan to follow, and ongoing support for as long as you are using your machine.


Your teaching session can be with a local APS Therapist, or on Skype, Facetime ( using an iphone or ipad), Whatsapp or Facebook videocalling, or over the phone, and you will be able to contact us for advice about treatment plans at any time.



Price: £1,108.00

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Buy your rental machine

If your rental machine is not a brand new one, ( which often happens as machines are very often snapped up by their first renter) you can save money and buy that model.

An instruction booklet and warranty will be supplied in the same way as for a new machine. All of our APS machines are pretty new, and very durable. 

Price: £900.00

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4 week trial machine

A vintage or trial APS Therapy machine to try at home with teaching and supervision for 4 weeks.

Price covers the cost of shipping, batteries and electrodes. (So don't add shipping!)

It is possible that at busy times there can be a waiting list for this service, but we will let you know immediately if so, and happy to refund you if you prefer not to wait!

Price: £25.00

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