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All machines come with a warranty and the option of a full refund within 6 weeks if you do not get a good result.

APS Therapy machine with training

APS Therapy  machine for personal use ( mark 4), with  teaching and support.

Your own APS Therapy machine with a full teaching session to set you up, individual treatment plan to follow, and ongoing support for as long as you are using your machine.

aps mark 4 pack


Your teaching session can be with a local APS Therapist, or on Skype, Facetime ( using an iphone or ipad) , or the phone, and you will have a contact number and email address at all times.


Price: £1,108.00

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Buy your rental machine

aps mark 4 pack

If your rental machine is not a brand new one, ( which often happens as machines are very often snapped up by their first renter) you can save money and buy that model.

An instruction booklet and warranty will be supplied in the same way as for a new machine. All of our APS machines are pretty new, and very durable. 


Price: £938.00

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APS Therapy machine mark 4 for home use

APS Therapy machine for home use, after rental/training.

Includes: APS Therapy machine ( mark 4), instruction booklet, 1 set of PALS platinum electrodes, & carry bag.



Price: £1,058.00

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APS Therapy clinic machine


The APS Therapy clinic machine ( mark 1.4)  has the same internal electronics as the mark 4 for personal use, but has a sturdy, heavy metal casing, ideal for  use in a busy clinic.
It's advisable toget rechargeable, good quality 9volt batteries too.

APS MK 1.4 device

APS mark 1.4 kit

  • Plastic carry case
  • Cords
  • Battery (9V, non rechargable)
  • Manual
  • Applicator
  • Gel
  • Sponge electrodes
  • Bathsalt
  • Earclips

Technical data

Number of outlets 4 (2 x black, 2 x red)
Operation 1 x intensity knob 1 x pulsed / continuous switch
Display 3 digit LCD which indicates milli amps.
Housing Aluminium / Plastic
Source Internal
Description 9V Alkaline or NIMH (rechargable) (use of rechargable battery is allowed, not standard included)
Type Pp3, 6LG61, 6AM6, Mn1604
Wavetype Actie Potential (AP)
Pulse load 20 μCoulomb max
Pulse energy 220 mJoule max
Signal Continuous / Pulsating
Variable outlet - Charge - Current - Frequency 0 - 46 V (no load) 0 - 3,1 mA ± 0,3mA (1kΩ) 150 Hz ± 10%
CE 0482 Certificate of medical equipment. (Notified body: Medcert Hamburg, D) MDD93/42/EEC ANNEX IX (Class IIa / Rule 9)
ISO 9001 Quality control
DIN/ISO13485 Quality medical equipment

Price: £1,350.00

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Clinic package

The APS Therapy clinic package

The best value for organisations or established clinics to invest in Action Potential Simulation machines and therapy.


  • APS therapy clinic machine, mark 1.4
  • 10 sets of PALS Platinum blue electrodes
  • 1 set water electrodes, headclips, applicator & gel.
  • Full day training workshop for up to 10 people, at your base, or in Bedford if preferred, with
  • electrodes for each attendee; any spare sets go into your pack.
  • Mentoring, marking of case studies, certification and registration of up to 10 staff
  • Ongoing support & supervision
  • Free attendance at further workshops for further staff or to refresh.


Price: £2,000.00

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