Staff Wellness

HeartBody Potential

Keep your staff in an optimal state

Peak performance, fast rehab from musculoskeletal or pain problems, enhanced resilience to stress and clear forward planning, with the powerful triangle of APS Therapy, a coaching Power Hour, and/or HeartMath (R).

Whether you have concerns about staff sickness or stress and burnout, want to provide advanced wellness options as part of an elite and attractive work culture, or encourage peak performance, HeartBodyPotential delivers effective options and solutions.

HeartBodyPotential (TM) uses a perfect blend of training, technology and compassionate communication, to help your staff achieve natural wellness and energy, so they can thrive, and help your business to thrive.

The components of HeartBodyPotential

APS Therapy

Action Potential Simulation (APS) Therapy is a micro-current electrotherapy, that mimics the body’s own
electrical signals, or ‘action potentials’ , helping cells to communicate more effectively, and boosting levels of ATP, the ‘energy molecule’, for faster healing of injuries and relief of pain. Many users also experience better quality sleep and enhanced energy.


Heartmath is an elegant biofeedback system that entrains the user into a ‘coherent’ heart rate variability, setting the foundations for calm and assurance, with peak mental and physical performance just one of the many beneficial results, the main one being resilience to stress.


Coaching assists individuals to make goals, and then take action to meet or exceed those goals. The coach plays the important roles of motivator, strategist and accountability partner.  They step the coachee through the achievement process, from the planning stage all the way through the execution stages, to achieve the goal in the most efficient, effective and rewarding way possible.

Case study: Annette

Annette, 35, senior specialist nurse practitioner. 4 months off work due to anxiety and depression, following difficult realtions and a dispute with line manager.

Intervention: Power hour coaching, followed by one 15 minute HeartMath teaching session, and a 6 week course of self-practice of HeartMath.

I couldn’t believe how that one hour made me realise that what I was fighting for was not actually the thing that I wanted. What I wanted was actually much easier to sort out. But the coaching has enabled me to understand myself and communicate so much more clearly; I now actually look forward to going to work again, and am able to enjoy my work. The combination of this and HeartMath has physically altered the way that I feel. I am back to the ‘old me’.




Annette back to work within 3 weeks, negotiated a different role in order to spend more time with her young family.


Case study: Alex

Alex, 49, Director, commercial & business banking, and a leisure group, college governor. 3 months off work due to shoulder pain and relapse of MS, with mobility problems and fatigue, triggered by stress.



1 x teaching session of APS Therapy, creation of treatment plan to follow. 6 week course of APS Therapy at home. 1 x teaching session of HeartMath, 6 week course of HeartMath at home with app and sensor.


“I didn’t expect it (APS Therapy) to have quite the success that it’s had so far… I was on 3 painkillers and the pain was 8 out of 10 – now I do not have pain, apart from the hour before I go to sleep. I’m back to walking 5 miles a day…previously, I’ve used stress relief tactics presented to me by a Harley Street psychotherapist friend. But nothing else I’ve tried moves fast enough to catch a migraine or an ‘MS hug’ – HeartMath works, and in future I will be able to use it to prevent attacks”


Alex successfully back working full time.




Case Study: Melanie

Melanie, 42, manager in a publishing house in Cambridge. Has not taken time off sick but felt ‘on the brink’ due to being run down, long hours, commuting and back pain. Considering changing career for this reason, but didn’t want to.



APS Therapy: 1 x teaching session, followed by 4 week course at home, leading into once a week ‘top ups’ in a clinic (could have been the workplace)

“I just cannot describe how fab I think APS is! I don’t have the back pain any more, my sleep has improved no end, and I’ve now got enough energy to exercise again, which of course, also helps to prevent me from getting back pain again. I’m now a great advocate of this machine!”



No time off, now actively enjoying her role again, contemplating possibilites for promotion.