• Sorry wrong device cancel my comment, my sample is one called actipatch, electromagnetic pulse therapy. I would love to try your machine as I also have fibromyalgia CFS. Anklosing spondylitis and a few more ailments. But I can’t afford it 🙂
    Jo Riley

    • Hi Jo, so sorry I didn’t see your comment, didn’t get email notification there. How’s things going with the Acti-patch? You know, at present I have a machine not being used, and as you are local to me, and I would love to find out more about how it helps people with fibro and your type of conditions ( awesome results so far), why don’t we have a chat about you borrowing it for a while, if things go well you can give me a nice testimonial, if they don’t, you won’t have lost any money!

  • Morning!

    What a great website and source of info/inspirational detail you provide! Well done!

    Did you get my emails/messages sent at the start of this week? (I appreciate that your backroom admin may have been v busy, if you have not had chance to respond yet!)

    Thanks 🙂

    sazpegz50@gmail.com – email
    @SarahPegler – Twitter


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