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Water electrodes

especially good for treating painful hands and feet, using a bowl of warm water.

Price: £15.00

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PALS Ultra-Stim X electrodes

PALS Utra-Stim X electrodes.

It’s important to only use the approved type of electrodes for APS Therapy, as we’re using a micro current of direct electricity, and less insulating electrodes may cause skin burns.

Also approved for use are PALS blue, and PALS platinum

Price: £9.26

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PALS Ultra-Stim X electrodes pack of 6

PALS Ultra-Stim X electrodes, good value pack of 6 sets. These will last you at least 6 months, possibly up to a year.

It’s important to use only the approved types of electrode with APS Therapy, as inferior electrodes may cause skin burns.

Price: £52.00

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Small felt earclips to attach to curly cords, for head, face, and insomnia treatments


Price: £24.95

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Leads for APS Therapy machines

Fit both current and older type machines.

1 x red and 1x black cord per pack.

Price: £22.00

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For working deep into an area, eg sports injuries

Applicator for APS Therapy

Comes with gel

Price: £50.00

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