SCIO - 'Scientific Consciousness Interface'

SCIO is a type of microcurrent that uses biofeedback to test the body's electrical reaction to substances, and can also be used therapeutically. 

Everything that exists has its own electrical frequency. The SCIO machine sends many thousands of these frequencies to your body and records your reaction speeds to them. Those items with the highest and lowest reactions may be relevant as stressors to your body and health.

This information can be used to gain a fascinating  insight and to make positive suggestions for your health and wellbeing.

 Which items are you reacting fastest to today? We present the most useful and relevant in your report and action plan.

How does the SCIO work?


The SCIO has a database of test frequencies for over 9000 substances and conditions. It scans the body, like a virus-scan on a computer, against these frequencies at a speed of approximately 1/100th of a second for each, and reports on the speed that your body reacts to them. 

Making sense of the SCIO scan

Data  from your SCiO scan is interpreted by your trained biofeedback practitioner, Miranda.  Reactive items that appear relevant are presented, numerous aspects of health are interpreted, and a constructive report is generated, with explanations.

Using the SCIO therapeutically

The SCIO is also loaded with a huge library of safe, non-invasive biofeedback therapies, that can be used to stimulate the body to rebalance disordered frequencies and regain its natural electrical state.

Therapeutic applications are for the purpose of eliminating stress, so reducing pain and encourgaing healthy flow of electrical energy throughout the cells of the body. Simply sending back the frequencies of reactive items can be therapeutic, and the SCIO also has specific protocols to work with: 

  • Electro-acupuncture and meridian system 
  • Spinal electrical energy flow
  • Trivector - protocol for balancing voltage, amperage and resistance for energy enhancement
  • Scalar auto program - for subtle energy systems
  • Homeopathic activation

And many more. The aim is always to stimulate the mind body system to find optimum health and freedom from pain and stress. 

Remote SCIO Wellness report

Because everybody's electro-magnetic frequency is unique, scanning can also be done remotely. We connect over videocall, and enter your details.

We don't use the SCIO to diagnose, but to show potential stressors to your health and wellbeing, along with suggested beneficial actions or remedies.

Based on your reactions to scanning, your colourful distance SCIO report includes:

Which lifestyle factors are most reactive today? ( ie relevant)

*  Lifestyle factors affecting your health

*  Mental and Emotional factors that may need addressing

*  Items that may aggravate your health conditions

*  'Aura' -  your electromagnetic energy at the current time

*  Top reactive items that may show nutritional imbalances, food stressors, suggested herbal or natural remedies

*  Colour Therapy - your most healing colour based on your reaction to colour therapy scan

Which mental and emotional factors are most reactive? ( ie these are the ones that may need addressing)

Just some of the elements we can explore...

How is the electrical field around your body looking? (Otherwise known as your 'aura'!)

Which homeopathic remedies does your system react to most swiftly?

About the Author

Jane Doe

'I first tried the Scio 3 years ago and was given a booklet about my health, and advice on supplements etc. As a busy mum, I soon forgot all about it! Now, 3 years later, I live abroad, have had recurring health problems and seen many practitioners, and the amazing thing is, that everything they have mentioned, were all the things that the Scio suggested 3 years ago! .... '

Elizabeth Harder, Eu Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Our health can be stressed by many things, and in combination these can make us tired, below par, or even ill. They include:

  • Food intolerances
  • Nutritional imablances and deficiencies
  • Environmental toxins or allergens
  • genetic factors
  • Mental or emotional factors
  • Bacteria, virus & parasites

Your initial SCIO Wellness report can be used to gain insight and guide you in seeking your next actions and therapies to maximise your health.

SCIO Therapy can also be used as therapy, to alert the body to risk, by sending micro-current electrical signals to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms. Therapy sessions are run as follow up sessions.

We don't use the SCIO to diagnose, but to detect stresses to the body. Everything that exists has it's own electrical frequency. Using the SCIO, the frequencies of many thousands of items are sent to the body, and reaction speeds calculated. Those with the fastest reaction speeds can be interesting, and may be relevant for your health.

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