The 'Almost Free Trial!' 

If you have a long term condition, including chronic pain ( pain that persists or recurs for 3 months or more), you can trial an APS Therapy machine at home for four weeks, for the cost of batteries, electrodes and shipping (that's £25)

What's Included

We courier an Action Potential Simulation  (APS Therapy) machine to you at home, and set up a teaching session via a video-calling app like Whatsapp or Skype.


We show you how to use the machine, and make a treatment plan to follow, then stay in touch over the 4 week period.

At the end of this time, you can either return the machine with no strings attached, hire a machine for a longer period, or purchase one of your own. If you're interested in trialling natural pain relief with an Action Potential Simulation ( APS Therapy) machine, please click below to check that it's suitable for you. 


 Certain types of Back pain:  APS can be very helpful in cervical spondylitis/spondylosis and arthritis of the spine,  general low back pain or inflammation, but if you have a mechanical problem like a herniated disc, intense spinal pain or sciatica, then it is not likely to be helpful, so we do not offer the 4 week trial for these types of pain.

Certain types of nerve pain: nerve pain in MS often gets good results, but nerve pain or neuropathy due to other conditions does not seem to respond so well, so nerve pain due to conditions except MS is excluded from the trial. You can still hire a machine if you are determined to try, or to see if it improves your well being or sleep quality.


Arthritis, tennis elbow and injury.

One of the best buys I have ever made.

One of the best buys I have ever made. As well as using it on myself for many years, I have helped others; one was a lady with a frozen shoulder, it was so bad she could not put her bra on. She had 5 days treatment  then 2 days rest then another 2 treatments and was then pain free and able to dress herself. Another young man came with a very swollen ankle, he was due to go skiing but could not get his skis on we only had 3 days before he went, I said I would do my best and  luckily he got his boots on and went skiing.

If you have submitted a suitability form and are suitable our 'Almost Free Trial' Click below to order!

You can also call  01908 799870 or contact us us below if you have questions.

At busy times it is possible for there to be a waiting list for this service, if that's the case, we will let you know immediately, and for how long, and are happy to refund you if you prefer not to wait!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Contact Us Below If You Have Any Queries 

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