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Become a practitioner

Become an APS Therapy practitioner.

Get results for people who have pain, fatigue, injury or sleep problems.

With an Action Potential Simulation Therapy machine, you can get unexpectedly good results for people with pain, injury, fatigue or sleep problems, even sometimes when other treatment has not worked. This is immensely satisfying, and and the growing list of successfully treated conditions are in Testimonials.


A machine can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or to enhance the results and staying power of hands-on therapies.




“…the older lady is delighted with her improvements in her neck. She now has NO PAIN and better movement, something I couldn’t achieve with manual therapy. Also a dramatic reduction in swelling on her wrist.”

– Penny Sawell Trimmer, Osteopath & author, www.osteofm.com


There is a small, but growing number of clinical research  papers on APS Therapy. In our study in people with MS,  78% of people responded well to treatment, often reporting other benefits in addition to pain relief – improvements to mood, flexibility, sleep quality, energy, concentration and general wellness.

The success rate for this group of patients is extremely high’ Recommendation Gemini Hospital – Verblauw


 Here are the different ways that you can use APS Therapy as a practitioner:

 Clinic: how an APS Therapy machine can earn while you do what you love

A clinic is a great way for a machine to add value to your business, because most people can easily manage the treatment themselves. If you have space for a chair and a little surface, and an acccessible space, you can run a clinic.

Joe, service user, and Hazel, volunteer, at the APS clinic in the MS Therapy Centre, Bedford.

My passion is to make treatment accessible to people who may not be wealthy. Here’s the maths for a low-cost, self-managing clinic with 6 week courses for long term pain. Clients managing their own treatment means that you can keep charges very low. Obviously if one to one care is involved, then prices need to reflect this and revenues are much higher! 

  • At £10 per session,with a £60 initial teaching consultation, a 10 session block of treatment costs the client just £160.
  • There are 2000 office hours slots in the average UK working year, allowing
  • 200 blocks of 10 sessions.

Used in this way, one APS Therapy machine could generate £32,000 within one year.


The clinic at the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford has expanded to having 4 machines, plus one rental machine, due to demand, and is booked up and busy, 5 days a week.


Renting out APS Therapy machines


Renting machines out is another great way to do good, help clients, and generate healthy income streams, with a swift return on investment; it also makes things very easy.











Flexible practitioners

APS Therapy can also be offered, like any therapy, with the full assistance and attention of a practitioner, either in a clinic room, or the client’s own home. Obviously, a mobile  APS Therapy practitioner would not be able to run sessions as close together as a clinic; but would charge a higher price to reflect their inidividual service.


For individual practitioners

Becoming an APS Therapy practitioner in the UK is very straightforward.


As an individual practitioner, you can attend the one day Training workshop, which runs on a regular basis from Bedford, and purchase the machines and accessories you require individually. The price of training is £125, and includes mentoring, marking of case studies, certification, registration, ongoing support and free attendance at any further training days to refresh.

Give us a call or email if you have any questions, to book training, or to reserve your machine.



The APS Therapy clinic package

The clinic package is the best value for organisations or established clinics to invest in Action Potential Simulation machines and training, and includes:

  • APS therapy clinic machine, mark 1.4
  • 20 sets of PALS Platinum blue electrodes (10 with machine + 10 for trainees)
  • 1 set water electrodes, headclips, applicator & gel.
  • Full day training workshop for up to 10 people, at your base, or in Bedford if preferred
  • Mentoring, marking of case studies, certification and registration of up to 10 staff
  • Ongoing support & supervision
  • Free attendance at further workshops for further staff or to refresh.


The price of the clinic package is £2000; please call or email to discuss, or to arrange a demo or presentation.

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