Training for practitioners

Get results for people who have pain, fatigue, injury or sleep problems.

With an Action Potential Simulation Therapy machine, you can get good results for people with pain, injury, fatigue or sleep problems, even sometimes when other treatment has not worked. This is immensely satisfying, and you can find a growing list of successfully treated conditions in Testimonials.

A machine can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or to enhance the results and staying power of hands-on therapies, and you don’t need to have a certain qualification to learn how to help people with an APS Therapy machine.

There is a growing number of clinical research  papers on APS Therapy, and reports of other benefits in addition to pain relief – improvements to mood, flexibility, sleep quality, energy, concentration and general wellness.

How you can use APS as a practitioner

APS Therapy can also be offered, like any therapy, with the full assistance and attention of a practitioner, either in a clinic room, or the client’s own home. Or, you can run:

Self-managing clinics

A clinic is a great way for a machine to add value to your business, because most people can easily manage the treatment themselves. If you have space for a chair and a little surface, and an accessible space, you can run a clinic.

APS Therapy Machine rental 

Renting machines out is another great way to do good, help clients, and generate healthy income streams, with a swift return on investment; it also makes things very easy.

Up and coming training dates in Bedford


Due to COVID-19 we will be running Webinar training!

6TH JUNE 2020



Enjoyable one day workshop covering the theory and practice of APS Therapy. 10am-5pm

Prepares you to use APS Therapy machines therapeutically.
Training is carried out around the UK at your own base for groups, clinics & institutions, and monthly from the Beds & Northants MS Therapy Centre for individuals or groups.
Training is fun and interactive and groups are kept small to allow a thorough practical experience.

What happens during training


On the day

  • Introduction to APS Therapy

  • Action Potentials – what they are, what they do

  • How APS therapy works

  • Inflammation and injury

  • Electrotherapies

  • Research into APS Therapy

  • Results of our research



12.15 – 12.45 – break

Light lunch supplied, there is also an M&S garage down the road, and a Premier Inn within 3 minutes walk.



12:45 - 17:00

  • Business/service models

  • Safe screening of pain

  • Assessment using outcome measurements

  • Creating treatment plans

  • Practical session; working in pairs

  • Different applications & accessories

  • Cases study questions

  • Running a clinic

About The Course Teacher, Miranda Olding

Miranda Olding is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a specialism in MS,  special interests in pain, health promotion and stress management, and over 25 years of expereince in nursing in long term conditions.

She also has a background in holistic health, including qualifications in HeartMath biofeedback, Bach Flower remedies and Educational Kinesiology.

Since 2013, she has headed up APS Therapy in the UK, as  the sole trainer and distributor of APS Therapy in the UK, and director of Painfree Potential.

She is involved with research into APS Therapy and welcomes connecting with interested inidividuals and organisations!

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