How to reduce and alleviate pain

with electrotherapies: Foundation 

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Learn about:

  • Pain 
  • History of pain managment & medication   
  • Electricity
  • Bioelectricity
  • New medical treatments using electricity 
  • The different types of Electrotherapies for pain
  • Microcurrent
  • Research on microcurrent

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Reduce & alleviate pain with Electrotherapies: Practical 



In this session you'll learn how to use a device to treat and alleviate pain and injury without side effects. You'll learn:

  • How to use microcurrent device APS Therapy &
  • Multi electrotherapy device Nurokor mi-touch
  • Create treatment plans
  • To relieve pain, promote injury repair
  • Promote rehab, recovery & muscle strength
  • and Reduce fatigue

Can't make it live? Lifetime access to the recording.

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Why get into Electrotherapies now ?

Electrotherapies can reduce and sometimes completely alleviate pain without any harmful side effects. In fact users of microcurrent therapies often report positive effects such as improved energy, mood, sleep and recovery from injury and exercise, as a result of enhanced cellular communication.

Electrotherapies can be safely used at home. They can also be a valuable addition to hands-on or coaching work for healthcare professionals, therapists and coaches. Sessions can take place in the treatment setting, or machines can be hired out for home use to enhance the effects of therapy. 

There is a growing number of clinical research papers, for example just the full texts available here on microcurrent , and we have often seen good results for pain, injury, fatigue or sleep problems, even when other treatments have not worked, or have not been tolerated.


For a sample of the the conditions that have responded to electrotherapies, please see our real life stories in APS Therapy Testimonials and Nurokor testimonials



About The Course Teacher, Miranda Olding RGN MSc MSCN

Miranda Olding  a Clinical Nurse Specialist (in MS), Independent Non-Medical Prescriber, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, and has 30 years of experience in working with people with long term conditions. She works within the NHS and also lectures and teaches in her specialities which include MS, microcurrent and health promotion for a variety of organisations, and is also qualified in various holistic disciplines.

Miranda is the director of Painfree Potential, a company whose aim is to bring pain relief without side effects to normal people. Her recent paper,  'Microcurrent Therapies for Chronic Pain,  A Systematic Review & Meta-analysis', is currently in publication. 

Beverley moss

Kinesiologist & Holistic Therapist

'One of the best therapeutic gadgets I have ever bought, and the training was clear, knowledgeable and inspiring'

Penny Sawell

Osteopath, blogger

'The workshop was excellent, and I was most impressed with the results in practice - alleviated the neck pain in one of my clients that 3 months of hands-on therapy had not shifted'
Ruth Stross

Head of Nursing, Neurology Academy, MS Specialist Nurse, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

'Miranda is a natural speaker - so passionate and knowledgeable'

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