Exclusive 6 week free home trial  with an APS Therapy machine for 5 Talkhealth Members

What is APS Therapy?

APS Therapy is a safe, natural and effective form of pain relief.  A copy of the body’s own electrical signals, or  Action potentials  is generated by the Action Potential Simulation Therapy machine, and sent through the cells of the body, via electrodes attached to the skin.

This unique wave-form helps cells to communicate, reducing inflammation and stimulating the production of neuro-transmitters that help to kick start the body’s own healing mechanisms, reduce pain, and in some cases, also increase energy.

As the effects of APS Therapy are not instant, but accumulate over time, we always recommend a 4-6 week trial. For some injury conditions, this time is all that is needed.

Treated Conditions

Many painful conditions can be treated with APS Therapy. This includes pain from injury or inflammation, arthritis, muscular pain, headaches, and in certain cases, nerve pain.

Conditions we have successfully treated here include:

Osteoarthritis, gout, carpal tunnel, elbow injury, shoulder pain, fatigue,  insomnia and sleep problems, post total knee replacement, broken bones, shoulder injuries, old car and motorbike accident injuries,  long term back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, dystonia, neuropathic pain in MS, cervical spondylosis, tennis elbow, headaches, migraine, knee pain, hip pain, Achilles tendon, chronic post surgical pain and swelling, hip replacements, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, sinus pain, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia, Baker’s cyst, Ehler's Danloss syndrome, repetitive strain injury, cramps, menstrual pain, fibromyalgia, painful psoriasis, varicose vein pain

What happens in the free trial?

We courier an Action Potential Simulation  (APS Therapy) machine to you at home, and set up a teaching session via a video-calling app like Whatsapp or Skype.


We show you how to use the machine, and make a treatment plan to follow, then stay in touch over the 6 week period.

At the end of this time, you can either return the machine with no strings attached, hire a machine for a longer period, or purchase one of your own.

APS Therapy involves sitting comfortably, with electrodes applied, for around 30 minutes, while you relax.

APS Therapy doesn’t work for every pain or everybody,

Exclusions: Although APS Therapy can be useful in cervial spondylitis and spondylosis/arthritis in the spine, it is not likely to help with mechanical back pain ( eg due to herniated disc or spinal injury). Some cases of sciatica have responded, and some not.

Nerve pain: We have had good success in many cases with nerve pain caused by MS, and some very successful cases with long-standing trigeminal neuralgia. However, other types of neuropathy, like peripheral neuropathy, small fibre neuropathy, or neuropathy due to unknown causes have not had success, and for that reason they are also excluded from the trial.


Please find out whether APS Therapy is safe and appropriate for you. 

what if you don't win?

You can still trial an APS Therapy machine at home for 4 weeks, with teaching, for just £25. Click below to find out more

"it helps my arthritis and worked wonders when I had tennis elbow, I would not want to be without my machine.”


"Using the APS every day on my feet has really been a life changer for me. I have not had to take pregabalin for a very long time now, and I am sure the reduction in my medication, in conjunction with the other changes I have been making have meant I was able to lose weight."


If my hand is a bit swollen at the end of the day, using the APS machine makes a visible difference as I can see the puffiness decrease within the first cycle. ...when it aches and feels swollen and stiff, I relax with tea and the APS machine to allow everything to settle down again.

One of the best therapeutic gadgets I have ever bought. 

Beverly Moss

...I had met people with near-miraculous results for rheumatoid arthritis, MS pain, tennis elbow and more, so I thought there must be something in it. Finally, I see why!... I currently have an APS machine to use at home and have three different plans for the worst issues caused by Multiple Sclerosis: shoulder pain, hip pain and fatigue.

Helen Croxon