The science behind APS Therapy microcurrent

APS Therapy is a type of electrotherapy, using an action potential simulation therapy (APS Therapy)  machine to conduct micro-currents of electricity through the human body, using electrodes to make contact with the skin.

Micro-current electrotherapies use electricity at biological frequencies. In other words, the same type of electrical signal that our bodies use naturally.

Action potential = passage of electrical energy along cells. Simulation = ‘ a copy’.

The APS therapy wave form is an direct copy of an action potential, the body's own electrical signalling system, which is what makes it unique.

We are often asked if this is the same as TENS. The answer is no. To compare, a TENS machine uses a current of a thousandth of an amp, or 0.001, to creat a tingle that distracts from pain. APS Therapy uses a current of 0.00 0001, or a millionth of an amp., to get the cells firing more effectively, to address the underlying cause of pain, such as inflammation, as well as stimulating healing and assisting in natural pain relief mechanisms.

Specification of the currents used:

Wave-form: Monophasic with exponential decay

Voltage: 0-46V (no load)

Current: 0-2.0 micro-amps +- 0.3 mA  (10kOhm load)

Frequency: 150 Hz +- 10%

Pulse width: 800 UA (resistive load)

Energy per pulse: 220 mJoule maximum

Repetition: continuous/pulsing


 Action Potential

'The change in electrical potential associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve cell.'

The wave of electricity passing along cells, and referred to as a 'nerve signal'  'nerve firing' or 'cells firing' is an Action Potential.

This wave is used to transmit information, and to kick start almost all processes within the cells.

How does Action Potential Simulation Therapy work?

  • Applying waves of simulated, 'extra' action potentials enhances communication both inside and outside the cells. This assists the removal of waste products, which helps to reduce and resolve inflammation.
  • Production of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, the body's energy transport molecule, is stimulated, and this helps both to kick start natural healing mechansims, and to increase energy levels.
  •  Waves of correct action potential frequencies seems to help reduce the improper nerve firing seen in some types of nerve pain, and in restless legs, reducing or completely alleviating pain or symptoms.
  •   Production of neurotransmitters and neurohormones  leukine enkephalin and  melatonin are increased, whilst cortisol is stabilised and beta-endorphins decreased

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