Refer a friend & earn or gift!

Do good, and earn!

People with pain or lack of energy can benefit hugely from trialling an APS Therapy machine at home with support. 

You can guide them to this trial, and either earn a commission, or gift a friend for every sale that results.

Refer a friend, earn or give

Refer a friend, or anybody at all, in a win-win situation. 

They get the opportunity to trial APS Therapy for 4 weeks for just £25

with the 'Almost-Free Trial' , and you have the option to:

  • Earn £50 if they purchase a machine 60 days, 
  • Gift them with £50 off a machine, or
  • Donate to a good cause.

Just fill out this form , as many times as you like, and we will send them an invitation by email.

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