APS Therapy for total knee replacement

APS Therapy post Total Knee replacement

A total knee replacement (TKR) is a beautiful thing, and one of the wonders of modern medicine! But recovery can take a lot longer than many people anticipate, with pain, swelling, and limited range of movement persisting for months.  APS Therapy can speed recovery post TKR; here’s how.

After the trauma of surgery, the body has several important processes to achieve in order for healing to occur: Blood clotting, or haemostasis, protection from infection, or inflammation, tissue growth, or proliferation, and tissue remodelling, or maturation.
Inflammation, protecting the body from infection, is vital stage – yet the swelling that it causes as immune cells flood the area, also causes increased pain, and prevents effective electrical nerve conduction through and oxygenation of the area. If the system is not able to shift and eliminate inflammatory substances effectively, the inflammatory phase can go on for too long, preventing the next stage of healing from taking place, and causing ongoing acute pain and swelling.
By conducting extra action potentials at up to 4 times the strength naturally produced by the body through the affected area using APS Therapy, the removal of inflammatory metabolites is speeded up, reducing pain and swelling, and encouraging de-escalation of inflammation. Circulation of blood and lymph is also boosted by the therapy, and boosted levels of ATP also contribute to the healing process.

Sharon struggled after knee surgery as she was unable to tolerate the analgesic medication, experienced unbearable pain especially in the evenings, and was unable to sleep properly due to pain.

“The APS Therapy has supported the management of my pain post knee and foot surgery. I was suffering from acute pain, especially at night and through regularly using the APS therapy I am experiencing much less troubled, pain enriched nights. My sleep is so much more continual and restful, as I wake now not from the pain, but from hearing my alarm J

I feel more able to function and lead a more positive life.
Thank you… for kindly supporting me to actively take control of my own pain management. I thoroughly believe anyone who needs to control their pain should try APS therapy, with an open and positive mind”
Sharon Davis, Teacher and cub leader, Bedfordshire.nail

Electrodes were applied initially:
Blacks top of spine, reds bottom of the spine,
Blacks on side of knee ( worst pain side), reds on opposite side
Blacks below knee, reds above
Blacks on feet, reds on hands

After the first week, spine treatment went to once a week and electrodes were applied straight to the knee.

Bonesmart.org is a useful forum for people post knee replacement, and NHS choices explains the basics.

This and more Testimonials on the website.

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