Distance SCIO biofeedback report


Every person has their own unique frequencies that can be read even at a distance, using a sample of hair. The distance Scio report is designed to be a light, fun way of getting a little insight into the knowledge your body has, that your conscious mind may not be aware of. It’s not used for diagnosis of medical conditions, or prescription, but just to give you an awareness of which areas of your physical and emotional health are priority for your attention.

The report includes:

  • Patterns that may be relevant to your health from the items you’ve reacted strongly to
  • If they come up,  a report of the suggested nutrition, herbs or supplements
  • Your top priority Lifestyle factors to address
  • Aggravations ( things that upset your perfect health)
  • Mental and emotional priorites to address
  • Top flower essences you responded to
  • Today’s aura
  • Plan of action
  • Record of the colour you responded best to in colour therapy

Here’s some of the charts.

1) Lifestyle Factors affecting your health

 Factors affecting your health

2) Aggravations. Things upset your health.

scio aggravations


3) Mental and emotional factors

scio mental and emotional factors

Top items you are reacting to today ( stressed areas, remedies, vitamins & minerals,foods etc)

scio report intital data


Representation of your aura on the day of testing:

SCIO aura picture


Top flower essences:

scio report top flower essences

The colour you responded best to in colour therapy:

colour therapy


Your Action Plan


SCIO report action plan


Download these 2 forms:


SCIO consent form

Send me a small cutting of your hair, and we agree a time when you will lie down and relax at home, and at the same time, I will be testing you at my end. I create a report for you and email it to you!  This costs £60.
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